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This 100% wool hand made crochet scarf with zipper is a Mazique’s very first unisex piece only $95 

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Mixed “The Fashion Fusion”

Anonymous asked: Hi, Will the photos from the Mixed event be available to see soon?


Ménage Á Trois, Take 2 (at
We can’t wait until Spring Break either ;) #MaziqueFEB13 (at
@okiesmai in Mazique x @HERthreads (at
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@boojeeme what do u think so far or do you like the purple yarn on top? (Taken with Instagram)
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Children today are growing up in a society where high fashion has more accessible to the average consumer more than ever. This means, to your kids, style is 50 times more important to them than it was to your grandparents. I love to see my niece dressed up and happy because it makes her feel like a pretty princess, but I remember to always tell her dressed or not that she is way more beautiful than pretty. That being beautiful means being nice and that it’s okay to get dirty :) Oh and to stay out of my make up!! There’s nothing she can put on her face to make it more beautiful, God took care of that :)